About Us

Is one of the leading construction companies operating in Saudi Arabia.
Was established in 1976 with its head office in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
I t operates in the sector of buildings construction ranging from individual villas to high-rise buildings, including high - end palaces, residential villas, commercial centers, educational
complexes entertainment and industrial buildings.
Since its establishment “Faden” has successfully completed dierent government and private projects throughout the Kingdom.
With over 1000 employees on board, “Faden” is dedicated to assign the right team of qualied personnel to each project based on the size, complexity and time frame of the project.
“Faden” throughout its long years of construction achievements (over 39 years) including many landmark projects, has accumulated a professional family of personnels in diversied
specialties, insuring the high quality outcome of works.
Many of “Faden”s landmark projects were accompanied by “Faden” team from the conceptual phase, through design, until complete turnkey accomplishment.
Faden aims to be professional in all stages of its works, focusing on quality delivery, becoming an integral par t of the project team to ensure the success of the project.
Critical success factors are:
1. Providing a professional service.
2. Producing a ‘quality’ end product.
3. Focusing on ‘on time delivery’.
4. Maintaining an enthusiastic, proactive and dynamic approach.
5. Delivering a responsive aftercare service, exceeding expectations to ensure the customer is happy.
6. Maintaining good internal communications
7. Managing the information flow effeciently
8. Adopting a team work approach.

Our Vision