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Our Story

Established in 1979, FADEN is an A-class ranked contractor raised to position itself as a market leader. With its unique vision and quality of development, FADEN became a desired destination for special and unique project developers. The company has executed many landmarks in different cities around the Kingdom,each one of them is unique enough to reflect FADEN Abilities and capabilities to adopt different customers visions & requirements.

With over a 1000 trained employees and tarined professional on board, FADEN is dedicated to assign the right team of qualified personnel to each project based on the size. complexity and time frame of the project. From design phase, through Construction works, and the delivery of the project FADEN is dedicated to work with time frame as well as with high level of quality and professionalism.

FADEN has developed many alliances with sister companies to support its business and fulfill different customer requirements, helping the company to continue delivering value services and quality works complying with the requirements of vision 2030.


Chairman Message

We thank you for choosing Faden Contracting. We are here to partner with you, not just your contractor. we will work closely together on every small detail to turn your vision in to reality and make sure that your project goals are achieved. We will put all the required resources and technologies to develop the project. with our team of experts and latest equipment & technologies, we will work together toward a unique project and new story to tell.

General Manager Message

Quality, innovation, and Delivery.. this is what we promise. from the very beginning of the project till your building becomes reality. We will continue the legacy of FADEN to build lifetime projects.
To be the builder of choice for value minded clients and high performing employees.

Our Vision

Our Mission

We develop high performing people that deliver successful projects.


To build a legacy of excellence.


FADEN Construction own 3 subsidiaries under its umbrella:
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